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Open the Door to
Your Imagination

The Ultimate Door System in Modern Design, Energy Efficiency & Home Security

Energized Smart Doors
with Unique Interchangeable Panels Offering Versatility and Functionality

Our Patented Design

Experience a new level of possibilities and style with our modular design

Smart Devices

Enhance safety with embedded smart locks, cameras, and advanced access control systems to protect you and your loved ones

Utilities and Accessories 

Revolutionize Your Living Space and Make the Most out of Your Underutilized Door Surface

Our Vision is to Make Homes Significantly More Beautiful and Smarter

Features You Love


Interchangeable Panels

Door Face Panels empower you to choose the material, favorite design pattern and color to install on your door

Enhanced Security

Advanced cameras, AI-enhanced systems, high-security smart locks, and reinforced doors for a secure peace of mind at home or away

Customizable Look 

Now you can decorate your door with a variety of options such as LED lights,  figurines, artifacts and patterns for any season or event

Switchable Glass

Smart glass brings privacy, beauty and light intensity control to your door

Energy Efficiency

By incorporating energy-efficient materials, we guarantee optimal insulation, minimizing energy waste and reducing your carbon footprint


We embrace usage of reclaimed wood, recycled aluminum and plastics in construction of our doors

Built-in Screen Display

An integrated display screen, allowing seamless mirroring of your mobile app, live camera feed, calendar reminders, weather updates, and captivating digital artwork

...and much more to come!

Match Your Door With Your Style 


Be the first to know when the Door opens!

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